Hell Hath no Fury…..

Director: Robert Stromberg

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Maleficent, is a dark fantasy drama of the untold story of the evil queen in Sleeping Beauty who is actually a fairy. Betrayed by her friend and lover King Stephan, Maleficent places a curse on his newborn daughter Aurora. The betrayal came about when then peasant, Stephan wanting to be the king’s successor, plots to kill her but instead cut off her wings.

She awaits the princesses 16th birthday when her curse will take affect, but all the while Maleficent grows a fondness for her.

Maleficent played by Angelica Jolie struggles with her hate for Stephan and love for his daughter. She attempts to break the curse she inflicted on the princess, but cannot because she so powerful, she cannot undo what she has already done.

This movie is a different view on traditional Disney villains. It gives the audience some insight on why the villains are the way they are. In this case Maleficent is a woman scorn. Not only has she been betrayed, but she also loses her “one true love” to another woman,  but he also disfigures her, all in the name of social advancement.

This character plays many different rolls in this film. She flops from hero, to victim, to villain, and back to hero. Overall Maleficent is misunderstood and it’s actually a strength in the movie. Villains are people too and people are often misunderstood. It makes the movie relatable.

The only weakness I can point out is that Angelica Jolie was the only recognizable actress in the movie, but I guess director Robert Stromberg wanted it that way, to keep the focus on its main character. He does a good job of depicting all the emotional highs and lows the protagonist goes through. I give this film four women scorn out of five, and it only loses point for not having equally famous supporting actors.


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